When visiting Sambor Prei Kuk it is highly recommended to use the service of a local community guide. The guides have been trained in different topics such as the history of Sambor Prei Kuk , village life, agriculture, hospitality and health and safety.

b.Tuk tuk

is a word used in South East Asia for a public transportation vehicle, a motorcycle with a carriage that can transport maximum 4 persons. It is comfortable and shelters against sun and rain. Isanborei has a small fleet of affiliated tuk tuks. The drivers can be recognized by the Isanborei shirt.

c. Cycling

Various bicycle itineraries have been developed around Sambor Prei Kuk. The roads are gravel roads that are suitable for year-round cycling. The terrain is flat. The bicycles we use are sturdy city bikes. Cycling is the nicest way to enjoy the ruins and the forest surrounding Sambor Prei Kuk.

d. Handicrafts

Kampong Thom province is famous for its handicrafts. Basket weaving, silk weaving and stone carving are just a few of the handicrafts you can observe in the villages.

Stone Carving

Over 20 entrepreneurs from the villages make a living with producing stone statues. Visit this village to explore how the villagers carve Buddha statues from heavy sandstone with their bare hands. Silk Farming.
Visit this village to explore traditional silk weaving and the raising of silk worms.
Lunch can be organized for groups.

e. Catering

Isanborei has its own catering service. This catering service provides meals for homestays and organizes authentic Cambodian picnic lunches and dinners for groups and individuals at unique locations in the temple area and along the river. The owner of the restaurant and the homestay attended a professional cooking course at the Paul Dubrule School in Siem Reap. The purpose was to upgrade their cooking skills and learn about hygienic precautions for cooking. The cooking course also familiarized them with Western food and how to prepare it.

f. Cooking

Isanborei offers a full day cooking class for lovers of Cambodian cuisine. Participants visit the local market and a garden where many different fruits and vegetables grow. The cooking class focuses on Cambodian dishes. At the end of this unique cooking class you will enjoy your own cooking! (please note: this program is not yet on offer)

g. Traditional Dance

The Kampong Chheuteal High School has a nationwide famous dance group. The dancers perform traditional Cambodian dances as well as local dances from Kompong Thom province. For groups we can arrange special performances amidst the ruins of Sambor Prei Kuk combined with dinner.

h. Oxcart

For those who want to get the real experience of rural Cambodian means of transportation, an oxcart ride is highly recommend. The oxcart is a disappearing vehicle in rural life. Go for this unique experience!

i. Home stay

You will have the opportunity to spend the night in a traditional Cambodian house with a local family: This will definitely be a unique and unforgettable experience.
This homestay belongs toMr.Ly and is located in O'Kru Kae village.
This homestay belongs to Mr.Cheang Kun and is located in Kampong Chheuteal village
This homestay belongs to Mr.Tong Key and is located in O'Kru Kae village.
The location is about 2 kms from Sambor Prei Kuk. In the rainy season there is a large pond behind the house on which a boattrip is possible.
This homestay faces the Stung Sen river and is located near Kampong Chheuteal Market.
Behind this homestay there are fruit trees and a large fish pond
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